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Electronics Design Services

  • Elix has highly skilled and experienced staff in electronics & FPGA design, experienced with design assurance processes and certifications (DO-254 Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic, DO-178 Software Considerations in Airborne Systems, ISO 13485, CE certification).
  • Elix's core team of experts is complemented by a nearshore design, test, qualification & production site based in Novi Sad, Serbia, which provides cost competitive & scalable services.
  • Elix provides consulting to guide the customer in the specification of aerospace, defense and medical systems.
  • Based on specification, Elix designs and develops the schematics, PCB Layout, FPGA, BSP & software code of each board and the corresponding mechanical components.
  • Elix manufactures prototypes, performs the bring-up and verification of the design.
  • Elix manufactures in-house prototypes & small volumes & can manage larger scale manufacturing through a qualified network of suppliers.

Test Tools

  • Elix designs and produces test equipment for the different phases of the product lifecycle from hardware design to systems tests and production tests.
  • Based on the tested equipment specifications and requirements Elix will design the appropriate test bench.
  • Elix can produce development or lab SDKs, functional validation benches and environmental qualification benches.
  • Combinations of custom designed components with off-the shelf hardware are selected based on the use cases to cover.
  • Elix will design and build the required cable harnesses to connect the test equipment to the targeted tested system, from simple single hook-up cables to complex octopus military to commercial breakout cables to shielded and waterproof qualification cables.
  • Elix supports the cable specification phase all the way to the production and testing of the harnesses.


  • Elix’s nearshore rapid prototyping facility and production facility and our network of qualified production partners helps achieve a seamless and efficient transition to production.
  • Elix integrates design and production processes thus reducing the time it takes to develop and launch a product.
  • The ability to test designs and prototypes early in the production process helps ensure that the final product meets the desired quality standards and specifications.
  • Elix’s ability to modify designs and production processes in real-time allows a fast response to changes in customer demands or market conditions.

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