Elix integrates Xilinx FPGAs into advanced avionics video switching processors adding avionics high speed video processing IPs that enable low latency video conversions such as cropping, re-timing and protocol bridging. Our ARINC818 IP ensures high throughput, low latency video switching use cases. Certified Elix Systems engineers enable customers to rapidly bring to market high performance solutions through custom IP development or the integration of existing IPs into the Xilinx families of FPGAs under stringent DO-254 guidance.

Elix integrates NVIDIA Jetson GPU/NPUs into ruggadized hardware designs. Our Vision-X AI board brings the power of the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX in SWaP optimized mission systems. It brings up to 21 TOPs of AI processing in a low power and versatile video switching platform. The industry leading integration of a flexible high throughput video switching matrix allows existing video inputs to be upgraded to support advances AI use cases such as computer vision, preventative maintenance, or anomaly detection within a very low power budget.

NXP Multicore i.MX are high-performance and low-power application processors that are scalable, safe and secure. Elix has integrated the latest generation of efficient and AI capable processors, the i.MX8M Plus, into our latest hardware design, the Comm-X module, bringing to market an optimized and ruggedized SWaP solution for demanding environments. By combining our video processing software, optimized for video encoding latency, Elix System and NXP enable solutions that are ideal for vision applications at the edge.

GAIN is the HUB for the Swiss aerospace industries operating in different markets, such as aviation, defence and space.
Founded in 2017 and based in Geneva, GAIN is a Western Switzerland nonprofit organization. Its core purpose is to create business and innovation synergies between its members to contribute to a safer and a more sustainable world.
In 2021, GAIN brought together 14 Swiss aerospace companies, delivering products to the aero industry worldwide, employed a combined total of 5,300 people and combined sales of CHF 1.5 billion.
GAIN members jointly undertake R&D programs to maintain quality, innovative, business and environmental priorities.

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